INNOPAR - Interim management en Innovatie binnen de Industrie!


- Interim Management
- Innovatie van producten; productie methodes en processen
- Marktcommunicatie via nieuwe media
- Productiviteitsverbetering en Kostenreductie

- Bussiness development

Innovatieve oplossingen  effectief geïmplementeerd!

      Productivity growth, the key to increase prosperity.

      For a significant period of time, the focus in production for many European countries has been on outsourcing parts of, or even transferring the entire production to low wage countries. A lot of production and product development expertise has been lost in the process.

      Financially this may have been fine for the short term, but more and more we are facing the negative aspects. Some of them very well described by Catherine Colebrook in an article in “Politics home”. 

      Reshoring is becoming a subject of importance in both Europe and the US. Also Obama emphasized its need. 

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